Teagueduino: The Snap-And-Go Arduino

An Arduino Work-Alike With Plug-In Components

Launched in 2011, Teagueduino comes from a long line of hacks and experiments within Teague‘s design studio and across the greater open source Arduino / Freeduino community. While the more engineering-minded DIYers have been quick to dive into Arduino, the folks at Teague believe it has become increasingly clear that Arduino is still too technical and daunting for the majority of other creative types just getting started.

Teagueduino is their first major step toward an embedded development stepping-stone that makes building projects simple while exposing key details (such as code syntax, electrical signal values and physical hardware integration) that provide a scaffolding for learning more advanced systems and tools.

According to the Teague-masters, the Teagueduino editor makes using Teagueduino super easy. Code and signals are viewed in realtime; what you see is exactly what’s on the board. Since each code instruction is chosen from a dropdown menu, there’s no worry of breaking your program or writing things that don’t compile (although, there’s still plenty of room for debugging when something isn’t quite what you intended). There’s also a pointer to show you where your your program is currently executing (super handy for catching infinite loops)… and via Teagueduino’s realtime interpretter, you can even edit your program while it’s running. Check it out:

The snap-and-go system is reminiscent of Gadgeteer, the open source hardware system about to be launched by Microsoft. Perhaps this plug-in system is an inevitable improvement to open source hardware.

Via Make

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