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"The quality of both the work and customer service from Ponoko are consistently exceptional. I appreciate how straightforward it is to order, and I really like the variety of material choices. When I had questions, customer service was quick to respond and very helpful. I really felt taken care of. And after all of that, the detailed laser cuts are always so beautiful. I will definitely continue to return here for my crafts and projects!"

Matthew Kolaczkowski

"We see this as the beginning of something huge"

Order high quality felt custom laser cut and shipped the same day as you order. Ponoko has a wide selection of felt perfect for a wide variety of applications with no minimum order quantity. Ponoko’s felt is 100% VOC free, with no chemical irritants or harmful substances making it an excellent choice for applications inside your device, as well as where your customers will interact with it. Felt is highly wear resistant, and an excellent alternative to rubber for vibration damping and gaskets. Our synthetic felt is perfect for feet on your product that will protect your customers surfaces, and available in a wide range of colors to suit your aesthetic. Felt also makes excellent padding inside your product, where you may have one component touching another that could vibrate. Being VOC free, felt also makes an excellent breathable gasket for displays and optical interfaces.
Custom felt parts delivered same day.

What properties does felt have?

Felt is a commonly used material that is very lightweight, has a soft texture, and is available in a wide variety of colors. While most other materials are made from woven fibres, felt is made by compressing fibres together. This makes tearing and cutting felt extremely easy which incidentally means that felt has extremely poor strength characteristics. Felt is not waterproof or water-resistant and thus should be avoided in any application that may get wet or see elevated levels of moisture. The fibrous nature of felt makes it very easy to glue to surfaces while its malleable nature makes it easy to stretch and wrap uneven shapes and surfaces.

Can felt be cut with a laser cutter?

A laser cutter is one of the most practical methods for cutting felt when considering that felt cannot withstand much mechanical stress before breaking. Of course, felt can be cut by hand using scissors, scored with sharp knives, and even be routed using a blade attached to a CNC, but these methods require the felt to be secured mechanically. As laser cutters simply vaporise unneeded material, they do not require the felt to be held down with force. Furthermore, laser cutters do not make physical contact with the material meaning that they do not suffer from mechanical wear. This, combined with the ability for laser cutters to operate at great speed with unfounded precision and speed, makes laser cutters an ideal method for mass-produced felt parts.

Can you engrave felt?

Of all the materials that can be cut with a laser cutter, engraving felt is one of the few materials that are difficult to engrave. The reason for this is that unlike other materials, felt is very fluffy and does not have a solid structure. This means there is no bulk material to engrave into that would result in a clearly visible engraving. Engraving felt also comes with the challenge that any engraving would be very easily removed by brushing, staining, and compression of the felt. Furthermore, freshly engraved felt would have a darker color to it, but this would fade over time as burnt material falls off and is replaced by non-burned material.

What felt can be laser cut?

Felt is available in a wide range of types, but all felt falls under one of two different categories; natural and synthetic. Natural felt is made from materials such as wool which are naturally obtained while synthetic felt uses materials such as polyester which are chemically derived. Fortunately, both types of felt can be laser cut with no problems and Ponoko offers felt from both categories. Furthermore, Ponoko also offers felt in a wide range of colors including charcoal, red, blue, bone, and grey. Felt thicknesses also vary from 0.05 inches to 0.12 inches which allows the felt stocked by Ponoko to cover a wide range of different applications.

Is laser cut felt an expensive process?

Ponoko stocks both synthetic and natural felt with the synthetic variety being the cheaper option. When it comes to large production runs, using laser cutting for felt is one of the more economical methods of production as laser cutting is a straightforward production method that does not have tooling issues and is very easy to set up. Furthermore, alternative cuttings methods such as CNCs and knives generally require the felt to be held down and secured. This not only makes such cutting methods difficult, but it can also make it very difficult to create a clean cut around the entire perimeter of the shape. As laser cutting only requires the felt sheet to be laid down with minimal mechanical fixtures it is a very quick process. This in turn helps to reduce the overall cost of laser cut felt and also allows for engineering projects to scale from prototypes to full-scale production runs with little effort. It should also be noted that laser cut felt partially melts the very edge which seals the felt and prevents it from falling apart.

What can laser cut felt parts be used in?

Felt is commonly found in textiles and accessories thanks to its soft texture and aesthetic. For example, handbags can utilise felt in the lining to create a smooth surface that is gentle on hands. Felt can also be used to make surfaces softer in vehicle interiors which makes driving a more pleasurable experience. Another application for felt is in the production of gaskets and various machine parts. Felt gaskets are particularly ideal for use with sound and shock absorption as the compacted fibres can be compressed further. Felt gaskets can even be used in applications that require a lubricant that must not leak. For example, a steel axel can have a felt gasket around its bearing which helps to keep the oil in the bearing while allowing for a small amount of oil to leak and lubricate the axel.

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How we deliver custom cut felt parts, same day from $50 for just 1.

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Custom felt parts delivered same day.

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Custom felt parts delivered same day.

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The speed which you were able to have my design cut and shipped was incredibly quick. Everything is dead on for what I had designed and fits flawlessly.
- David Gabel
The pieces are exactly as I wanted them, even the little details are sharp and well done. I ordered the same pieces from different vendors to compare the quality, and yours came out on top, at the best price too. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.
- Louis Mazet
Just wanted to let you know the chipboards came in yesterday and looked great. Thanks again for your help on this! I'm sure we will be in touch for the next one.
- Monica Rivera
Wow you guys have great prices ... You know I've been getting quotes from shops at like 4-8 times more.
- Ryan LeMere
Our laser cut centerpieces arrived on time, in excellent condition, and were a huge hit at our conference. We were so impressed with the quality and service that, when designing awards for our next event, we immediately thought of Ponoko.
- Wren Dillingham
THANK YOU for the incredible service. I have never experienced customer service like this before!!!
- Taylor Norman
Wow thank you guys for the super LIGHT SPEED processing! :)))
- Astrid Mueller
The website is extremely user friendly with lots of help built right in. The prices are competitive and the test pieces came to my door in immaculate condition.
- Craig Dillon
Everything went simply perfect. From the site to the pricing, from the support to the shipping and the part’s quality. A1! Thanks again and see you soon for other orders!
- Louis Brillon
WOW! Just arrived! Looks GREAT! Thanks so much :) Looking forward to using your service again!
- Erin McLaughlin
Ponoko came to our aid when we were looking for something that people wouldn’t merely look at then throw out in a swag bag at a very large conference. We ended up making leather bookmarks to promote a new released product, and though the end result was beautiful, the service was the best part.
- Jenn Contois
Wow - serious customer service! Really appreciate it!!
- David Gluck

Order felt laser cut custom parts from your laptop, delivered same day.*

From $50 for just 1. 93% off for 10,000.

Custom felt parts delivered same day.
*Same day delivery (or money back) is available for orders using a limited selection of materials, placed by 11am PT Monday - Friday, for 1-100 parts to Bay Area USA locations. Same day shipping (or money back) available to USA & worldwide locations.