Laser cut acrylic parts online, quoted and delivered same day.*

Order just 1 acrylic part from $50 delivered same day, and scale up to 10,000.

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Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.
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"I'm sure I will be ordering from Ponoko again in the future; I've been impressed with the quality of parts I've ordered so far."

Ryan Merriner

"We see this as the beginning of something huge"

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Understand how your costs can fluctuate based on material, machine time, and fabrication type with our pricing estimator. Or get a custom quote.

Precision and accuracy is essential in any design, and we can offer laser-cut acrylic parts with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.13mm and a laser kerf of no more than 0.2mm. This level of precision is available regardless of the order size (one or one thousand), and we stock a range of different laser cutter technologies (such as CO2 and Fibre) to make sure that your parts are made using the perfect machine.

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Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.
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Laser-cut acrylic parts manufactured and delivered same day from just $50

When it comes to plastics, acrylic is the most popular material for laser cutting. Acrylic is not only a visually appealing material, it has many attractive mechanical properties that makes it so popular. Quote your components instantly with our online tool, and choose from a huge range of acrylic styles and thicknesses. With no minimum order quantity, Ponoko can get you the laser cut acrylic parts you need whether it's for prototyping, one off production or a full scale production run. Acrylic is also known as PMMA or by it’s trade name Plexiglas®. As the trade name suggests, it’s a great replacement for glass due to optical clarity and greater impact resistance than glass. It has good UV stability and weather resistance making it a great choice for outdoor applications. Ponoko’s range of acrylics for laser cutting projects also includes two tone sheets which offer high contrast engraving, making it perfect for control panels, labels and data plates.
Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.

Acrylic materials online.

Choosing a material that is laser safe and conforming to a list of requirements is a challenge which is why we have a specially curated list of over 200+ engineered materials. Our range of acrylic includes variations in colour and thickness, and all these materials can be compared during the quotation stage for pricing, tensile strength, density, and conductivity. Furthermore, all of our laser-cut acrylic is available in any quantity whether it’s just a one-off part, or ten thousand for a production run.

Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.

How we deliver custom cut acrylic parts, same day from $50 for just 1.

To help accelerate the process of getting laser-cut acrylic parts, we have an online software powered service that combines upload, DFM, quotation, and shipping into a single easy to use process. Orders below 100 parts placed before 11AM are manufactured and delivered same-day for customers in the San Francisco area, while customers outside San Francisco (US Mainland), will receive parts next-day. If we can’t deliver on this promise, we will refund the cost of delivery.

Upload your designs online.
Get automated DFM feedback.
Select acrylic materials online.
200+ engineering grade sheets.
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From $50 for just 1 delivered same day.*
93% off for 10,000. Free shipping.
Robots produce acrylic parts.
Quality checked by software & people.
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Same day delivery to Bay Area USA. Same day shipping worldwide.Standard shipping free.
Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.

Start from just 1 part, delivered same day.
Scale to 10,000 parts, at 93% off.

Our customers are leading their industries.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries where precision is critical including satellite components, automotive parts, medical products, and custom military pieces. Our ability to produce laser-cut acrylic parts to a high degree of precision for any order size is why so many industry-leading companies choose us. Furthermore, our ability to scale orders enables manufacturers to move from prototypes to market with the clock of a button, and our rapid same-day manufacturing and delivery accelerates project iterations from months to days.

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Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.

Laser cutting built for startups & enterprises.

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99.3% precision part quality record.

Getting laser-cut acrylic parts accurate to ±0.13mm is impressive, but it only matters if it can be done in scale, and we can proudly say that we have achieved this level of precision for over 33,000+ customers and 2 million parts. To prove that we are confident in our ability to produce parts to a high degree of precision, we offer a 365-day guarantee where any part that fails will be replaced free of charge. There is a reason why so many high-tech industries choose us for their laser cutting and engraving needs.

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Standard quality procedure.

Our software, then design inspector, laser operator & quality manager quality check all orders.

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Our promise.

If our software, robots, people or suppliers get it wrong, we’ll re-make & re-ship for free. No pesky returns.

We’re passionate about unleashing hardware creativity to advance humanity.

If it’s one thing that we are passionate about, it's helping engineers accelerate world-changing projects. Whether an acrylic part is being used in the next generation of satellite or forming the base plate of a rapid COVID test kit, we are proud to be involved with projects that help further humanity. Our ability to turn-out parts not only reduces the cost to get designs to market, but it also helps engineers reduce design iterations from months to days, all from just $50.

The speed which you were able to have my design cut and shipped was incredibly quick. Everything is dead on for what I had designed and fits flawlessly.
- David Gabel
The pieces are exactly as I wanted them, even the little details are sharp and well done. I ordered the same pieces from different vendors to compare the quality, and yours came out on top, at the best price too. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.
- Louis Mazet
Just wanted to let you know the chipboards came in yesterday and looked great. Thanks again for your help on this! I'm sure we will be in touch for the next one.
- Monica Rivera
Wow you guys have great prices ... You know I've been getting quotes from shops at like 4-8 times more.
- Ryan LeMere
Our laser cut centerpieces arrived on time, in excellent condition, and were a huge hit at our conference. We were so impressed with the quality and service that, when designing awards for our next event, we immediately thought of Ponoko.
- Wren Dillingham



What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a plastic material that goes by several names including Plexiglas. Acrylic is particularly useful thanks to its ability to be transparent like glass, but less brittle. Because of these properties it is very often seen in lighting applications, windows, and enclosures. Acrylic isn’t always transparent though, it comes in a wide range of colors, opacities and strengths and cuts very cleanly on lasers.

Is acrylic expensive?

Acrylic is one of the cheaper plastics to use in designs thanks to its simplicity in production as well as its widespread use. While natural acrylic is transparent, pigments can be added to give it almost any color conceivable, and it can be made to be either fully transparent or fully opaque. Ponoko offers a wide range of various plastic materials including acrylic, and these can even be made to have special coatings including an anti-static and gold mirror finish. Furthermore, Ponoko offers acrylic sheets in a variety of thicknesses allowing for a wide range of designs to be manufactured.

What can acrylic be used for?

Acrylic has a vast range of different practical applications and is often the material of choice for engineers. For example, acrylic is exceptional when used as an enclosure material especially in designs that need to be corrosive-proof and waterproof. Acrylic is a good material for engraving, and this makes it ideal for creating LED logos that are edge lit. Furthermore, acrylic is also excellent for use with small tags and other small designs including keychains, switch covers, and signs. Clear acrylic is also particularly useful as a light guide and can be used to redirect the light from an LED found on a PCB to the outside of an enclosure.

What advantages does acrylic have?

While wood may be aesthetically pleasing, and steel is strong, acrylic is a material that has a very good strength to weight ratio, is chemical resistant, and is waterproof. Acrylic is stronger than glass making it ideal for use in screens and displays, but it is simultaneously lighter than glass making it very practical in mobile designs. Acrylic is also a material that works well with glues such as superglue and acrylic glue. As these glues form a fast bond, creating acrylic structures can be done at speed with little effort. Furthermore, acrylic can give a design a very professional finish with clean-cut edges, precision engraving, and complex designs.

Does acrylic break easily?

Being stronger than glass and its ability to withstand wide temperature variations acrylic does not break easily. However, acrylic cracks during structural failure instead of bending or warping, and thus there is little warning when it does break. Despite this, acrylic does not shatter like glass when it breaks, and the resulting shards are dull presenting little danger to those exposed to the edges.

Does acrylic warp in the sun?

This is a hard question to answer as it depends on the brand of acrylic used. Most plastics fail disastrously under UV light and will often yellow. However, American made Plexiglas, Lucite, and Acrylite do not deform or change color even when exposed to the sun.

What disadvantages does acrylic have?

While acrylic is strong, light, and cheap, it is not able to handle high temperatures. The melting point of acrylic is 160°C, and it should be noted that the material begins to deform at temperatures below this. Therefore, acrylic cannot be used in high-temperature environments.

How long does acrylic last?

Acrylic is plastic, and as such its life expectancy depends on the environment it is used in. Some acrylic has been known to last up to 30 years when left in the outdoors without showing signs of yellowing. If kept in a relatively safe environment, engineers can expect to get 50 years out of a part before signs of failure show.

How Is Ponoko able to produce parts so quickly?

Ponoko is able to get laser cut parts shipped in just 24 hours thanks to a carefully planned series of steps from design submission to shipping. The first stage involves user design submission that is completed all in-browser and ensures that the user’s design conforms to standards used by all Ponoko processes. Furthermore, Ponoko has a team of specialists who are not only able to efficiently operate the equipment but can also identify potential problems before they manifest in the final product. Daily shipments are sent out with several shipping providers to provide customers with their desired delivery timeframes.

How can Ponoko help with engineering projects?

One of the biggest challenges of moving a design from the alpha stage to the beta stage is finding a manufacturing process that is cost-effective and produces a product that is professional. While 3D printing can be cheap, low cost 3d prints are often also low in resolution. This means both the surface finish and strength are of a lower quality than could be achieved with laser cutting. Plastic injection moulding can produce high-quality parts, but its cost is only justified when used to make tens of thousands of parts. Laser cutting combines the speed of printer technology with the precision of CNCs, and can be used to create professional designs that not only look like the finished product but may end up actually being used at the end product (such as laser cut panels and engravings). Furthermore, Ponoko is able to offer production rates from single pieces all the way to tens of thousands enabling engineers to quickly scale their designs with ease.

Why use Ponoko services?

Ponoko has more than a decade of experience in the laser cutting industry and is trusted by many thousands of engineers around the globe. Ponoko parts can be found in almost all environments ranging from the deep ocean all the way to the edge of space, and with key users including NASA, Google, and Intel, customers can be assured to receive the highest quality services possible. At Ponoko, we offer an incredibly wide range of materials including various types of wood, many different plastics, steel, copper, and brass. Furthermore, all of our engineered materials are carefully sourced from responsible suppliers with supply chains that can be trusted. Ponoko also prides itself on its ability to protect customer information and intellectual property and guarantee that any design sent to us is in the safest of hands.

Order acrylic laser cut custom parts from your laptop, delivered same day.*

From $50 for just 1. 93% off for 10,000.

Custom acrylic parts delivered same day.
*Same day delivery (or money back) is available for orders using a limited selection of materials, placed by 11am PT Monday - Friday, for 1-100 parts to Bay Area USA locations. Same day shipping (or money back) available to USA & worldwide locations.