We got your back - 100% DFM guarantee

Our design for manufacturability process guarantees you’ll love your part quality & price:

  1. Our robot automatically formats your design.
  2. You confirm our digital prototype visualization.
  3. Our industrial designer confirms your design.
  4. Our production manager confirms your design.
  5. Our QA confirms your design & part are a match.

If we get it wrong, we'll re-make & re-ship, credit or refund you, no pesky returns necessary.

How to prepare your design for laser cutting
What design software & file type should I use?

We provide instant pricing for your Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, Inkscape SVG & AutoCAD DXF files. Or use our design service.

What colors should I use in my design?

Use 1, 2 or 3 different colors of your choice - one for all line cutting, one for all line engraving & one for all area engraving.

What size can my product be?

The largest design we can laser-cut for you at present is 31.1" x 15.1"

How do I design for highest quality?

You'll want to know the strengths and weaknesses of a laser cutting robot.

How do I design for lowest price?

Big complex things cost more than small simple things.

How do I design for metal?

Specific design requirements for metal parts.