Custom laser cut plastic parts delivered same-day or your money back.*

0.13mm accuracy, whether you order 1 plastic part or 10,000.

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Custom plastic parts delivered same day.
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Understand how your costs can fluctuate based on material, machine time, and fabrication type with our pricing estimator. Or get a custom quote.

Our laser cutting and engraving services are ideal for those who need precision in their custom plastic parts. With a dimensional accuracy of ±0.13mm and a laser kerf of 0 to 0.2mm, we can provide this level of precision to any number of parts whether it is a single prototype or ten thousand for use in a production run. Furthermore, we have a wide range of different laser cutting systems using various laser technologies including CO2 and Fiber which ensures that the right machine is used for the job.

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Custom plastic parts delivered same day.
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Precision laser cutting service for plastic parts with a 99.3% quality record on over 2 million parts.

Plastics are undoubtedly one of the most versatile engineering materials. They can be laser cut to tight tolerances and find their place in any product. Whether you need a single faceplate or enclosure shipped the same day, or enough parts for a large production run, Ponoko can help. Ponoko has a vast range of plastic materials ready to laser cut and ship immediately after receiving an easy online quote. Choose two tone plastics for engravings that give an aesthetic contrast to your control panels or faceplates, or a huge range of colors and decorative plastics for enclosures and other end-user facing applications. We also stock a full range of specialised plastics, such as polarizing film, delrin, magnetic plastic, adhesive backed plastics and anti-static. Use clear plastics to make custom light-pipes for LEDs, or polyurethane foam to make custom packaging inserts for your product. Most plastic products are available in a variety of thicknesses to perfectly match your engineering needs.
Custom plastic parts delivered same day.

Plastic materials online.

Choosing a plastic for laser cut parts can be complex as not all plastics can be laser-cut. To make material choice simple, we have curated over 200+ engineered materials that you can choose from including acrylic and Delrin in a variety of colors all of which have been tested and whose characteristics are carefully documented (conductivity, tensile strength e.g.). These materials can all be compared to each other during the design upload/quote stage, and all materials are available in any order quantity.

Custom plastic parts delivered same day.

How we deliver custom cut plastic parts, same day from $50 for just 1.

Having custom laser-cut plastic parts ordered couldn’t be any easier thanks to our online software powered order system. Simply upload your design, choose your material, confirm cut and engraved areas, and then receive an instant quote. Orders placed before 11 AM in quantities below 100 will be manufactured and shipped same day, and customers in San Francisco will receive their order the same day they order. If we can’t deliver on this promise, we will refund the entire value of shipping.

Upload your designs online.
Get automated DFM feedback.
Select plastic materials online.
200+ engineering grade sheets.
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From $50 for just 1 delivered same day.*
93% off for 10,000. Free shipping.
Robots produce plastic parts.
Quality checked by software & people.
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Same day delivery to Bay Area USA. Same day shipping worldwide.Standard shipping free.
Custom plastic parts delivered same day.

Start from just 1 part, delivered same day.
Scale to 10,000 parts, at 93% off.

Our customers are leading their industries.

Whether a plastic part is being used in a medical, biotech, aerospace, or military application, our ability to rapidly scale orders to meet demand combined with our ability to manufacture and ship parts same day is why so many industry-leading companies choose us. Our ability to provide same-day manufacture and delivery allows for designs to be iterated in days as opposed to months which is crucial in industries where being first to market is essential.

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Custom plastic parts delivered same day.

Laser cutting built for startups & enterprises.

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99.3% precision part quality record.

Precision-cut plastic parts are only as good as they are reliable, and we are proud to have a precision part quality record of over 99.3%. With more than 33,000+ customers and over 2 million parts made, our manufacturing capabilities are not only precise, but built to last. To show just how confident we are in our capabilities, all parts have a 365-day guaranty, and this applies no matter the order size. There is a reason why so many high-tech industries choose us for their precision-cut parts; scalability, precision, and reliability.

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Standard quality procedure.

Our software, then design inspector, laser operator & quality manager quality check all orders.

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Our promise.

If our software, robots, people or suppliers get it wrong, we’ll re-make & re-ship for free. No pesky returns.

We’re passionate about unleashing hardware creativity to advance humanity.

Not only are we proud of our manufacturing capabilities, but we are also proud in the many world-changing projects that we have been involved with including rapid test kits for COVID-19 and experimental medical devices that could one day be used to identify cancers. Our ability to turn around parts same day allows for such projects to be accelerated from months to just days, and no matter how big or small a project is, we are passionate about unleashing the full potential of our customers.

The speed which you were able to have my design cut and shipped was incredibly quick. Everything is dead on for what I had designed and fits flawlessly.
- David Gabel
The pieces are exactly as I wanted them, even the little details are sharp and well done. I ordered the same pieces from different vendors to compare the quality, and yours came out on top, at the best price too. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.
- Louis Mazet
Just wanted to let you know the chipboards came in yesterday and looked great. Thanks again for your help on this! I'm sure we will be in touch for the next one.
- Monica Rivera
Wow you guys have great prices ... You know I've been getting quotes from shops at like 4-8 times more.
- Ryan LeMere
Our laser cut centerpieces arrived on time, in excellent condition, and were a huge hit at our conference. We were so impressed with the quality and service that, when designing awards for our next event, we immediately thought of Ponoko.
- Wren Dillingham



Why plastics are so popular in engineered products

While plastics, as we know them today, have only been in widespread use for half a century, the first plastics actually date back many thousands of years. The first plastics were made from organic compounds such as shellac, gum, rubber, and cellulose, but the development of synthetic plastics in 1907 is what sparked their widespread industrial use. Plastics come in a wide variety with each type providing various advantages. For example, some plastics are chemical resistant and therefore can be used to store harmful substances such as concentrated acids. Other plastics can be highly resistant to heat, and therefore ideal for use in mechanical applications. Overall, plastics come in so many varieties that they often find their way into all commercially produced products.

Can plastic be cut using a laser cutter?

The term plastic is very generic and covers the entire range of plastic materials that have been developed. The simple answer to “can plastic be cut with a laser cutter” is yes as even low-powered laser cutters can go through the plastic with ease. The more complex answer is that practical cutting is only possible on specific plastics. Some plastics (such as PVC) release toxic gasses during the cutting process, and therefore are not suitable for cutting.

Why should you use a laser cutter when cutting plastics?

Plastics can be machined in a vast number of ways, but laser cutting provides the most convenient method. Unless a design requires complex 3D patterns (such as partial cuts), a laser cutter is by far the fastest method for cutting plastic parts while simultaneously providing a high degree of accuracy and precision. The speed of laser cutting combined with the ability to make internal cuts and a lack of need for securing the workpiece makes laser cutting an ideal method for scaling from an initial prototype to full production runs. One of the reasons for superior speed is that laser cutters do not require tool changes and complex setup operations. Another advantage to using a laser cutter is that complex 3D models can be broken down into 2D slices that can then be laser cut. This method for production is not only ideal for prototyping, it is also significantly cheaper than plastic injection moulding of a few parts.

What plastic materials does Ponoko offer?

Ponoko stocks a wide range of various plastic materials including acrylic, Derlin, and PETG. These materials are further available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses suitable for most projects. Furthermore, various surface textures are available for projects that require a more unusual touch. Such surfaces include brushed silver, color on color (for engraving), mirror, and gold finishes.

Can Ponoko engrave engineered plastic materials?

All plastic materials offered by Ponoko can be engraved, and this engraving occurs at the same production cycle as cutting. The appearance of the engraving greatly depends on the material, its color, and any surface finish that it might have. For example, white on black acrylic would create an engraved image with an extremely high visual contrast, but clear acrylic would be mostly transparent with a cloudy engraving. That said, engraving on clear acrylic does contrast well when being used for edge lit signage. This is where a light is shone through the side of the plastic, and the engraved sections catch the light. Other plastic materials such as PETG and Derlin have a more melted appearance, and therefore will not be able to produce high-contrast engraving elements.

Where can you use laser cut plastics?

The wide variety of plastic and its subsequent features can see plastic parts be used in almost any application. To start, enclosures are regularly made from plastic parts, and most 3D enclosures can be exploded into 2D parts which are then fitted together. Laser-cut plastic is also ideal for use with plastic cut-outs. These parts are often used for key structural support inside product enclosures (such as a transformer bracket or a plastic beam separating a PCB from the front enclosure plate), miniature gears, enclosure perimeter separators, and other mechanical parts. Light guides are another use for laser cut plastic (specifically, clear acrylic), and is commonly found in products that need to direct light from an LED source to a front panel. Light guides are very handy as they can simplify the construction process of a product and remove the need for LEDs to be specifically mounted to a front panel. Plastic that is laser cut is also ideal for use during prototyping stages as the same laser cutting process can be used for both prototypes and full-scale production runs. This means that when a final design is agreed upon, the first few commercial batches can continue using Ponoko services without the need to make any alterations. Laser-engraving is particularly useful for signage and décor where aesthetics is essential. As laser cutters can both engrave and cut, signage and décor with unique shapes and patterns can be done at low prices (a printed sign, for example, would require two separate processes for the printing and then cutting).

Order plastic laser cut custom parts from your laptop, delivered same day.*

From $50 for just 1. 93% off for 10,000.

Custom plastic parts delivered same day.
*Same day delivery (or money back) is available for orders using a limited selection of materials, placed by 11am PT Monday - Friday, for 1-100 parts to Bay Area USA locations. Same day shipping (or money back) available to USA & worldwide locations.