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Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.
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"Hi. The parts turned out great. Also no problems caused by the delivery date. We will definitely be using ponoko again in the near future."

Daniel Mitchell

"We see this as the beginning of something huge"

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Laser-cut cardboard parts are found in many applications and not limited to just shipping and packaging. Our dimensional accuracy of ±0.13mm ensures that no matter the application, your laser-cut cardboard parts will work perfectly, and this level of precision is available for any order quantity. Furthermore, our laser kerf of 0.2mm maximum (the laser cutting divergence), ensures flat smooth edges, and our use of multiple laser technologies ensures that the right machine is used for the right job.

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Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.
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Over 33,000 happy customers and 2 million+ parts in service including laser-cut cardboard

Cardboard is a relatively cheap material indispensable for a wide variety of purposes. Ponoko offers laser cutting services for all of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, coasterboard and matboard with no minimum order quantity. Design is an iterative process, and what better to iterate on than something cheap and easy to form! It can be laser cut into the desired shapes, then modified using tools you can find right at your workbench. You can send your designs for same-day delivery laser cutting, and modify the resulting pieces to refine your final design. Corrugated cardboard is the most common packaging material; it’s recyclable, lightweight, and is very sturdy. If you want to build packaging to protect your product, we can laser cut that - be it a single unit or enough to cover your mass production needs. Submit your custom packaging design, and we’ll provide you with high quality robust laser cut cardboard pieces that protect your product from possible mishaps.
Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.

Cardboard materials online.

Cardboard is a very versatile material, but it comes in a wide variety of types and thicknesses. To simplify the material selection process, we have curated a careful selection of over 200+ engineered materials that are all ideal for laser cutting including cardboard. Our curated selection is carefully documented for a variety of engineering figures such as density, electrical conductivity, and tensile strength, they are frequently tested to ensure that it conforms to these characteristics (density, thickness etc.), and is available in any order quantity.

Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.

How we deliver custom cut cardboard parts, same day from $50 for just 1.

Getting laser-cut cardboard parts couldn’t be any easier and faster thanks to our software powered upload and instant quotation process. Simply upload your design, check the design for manufacturing constraints, choose your material, and then receive an instant quote. Orders placed before 11 AM in quantities less than 100 are manufactured and shipped same day, and those in the San Francisco area will also receive their parts same day. If we can’t deliver on this delivery promise, then we will refund the entire cost of shipping.

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From $50 for just 1 delivered same day.*
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Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.

Start from just 1 part, delivered same day.
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Our customers are leading their industries.

Many modern industries require precision parts manufactured at speed which is why so many high-tech companies choose us. Our parts have been used in just about every industry including electronics, aerospace, automotive, biotech, medical, and defense, and all of these industries require high degrees of precision and reliability. Furthermore, our ability to manufacture and deliver parts same day significantly reduces the time between design iterations from weeks to days, and this dramatically accelerates the speed of any project.

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Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.

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When ordering a laser-cut cardboard part, you want to be sure that its right first time. We have over 33,000+ customers and have made over 2 million parts with a 99.3% part quality record. To demonstrate our confidence in our manufacturing services, all parts have a 365-day guarantee in any order quantity. Our ability to provide precision parts with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability is why so many high-tech industries choose us.

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Our software, then design inspector, laser operator & quality manager quality check all orders.

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If our software, robots, people or suppliers get it wrong, we’ll re-make & re-ship for free. No pesky returns.

We’re passionate about unleashing hardware creativity to advance humanity.

Whether a cardboard part is being used in a COVID rapid testing kit, acting as a prototype part before using a more expensive material, or providing unique product packaging, we are passionate about unleashing the full potential of our customers. Our same-day manufacture and delivery service helps to reduce the time between design iterations from weeks to just days, and this enables engineers to maximize their potential in as short time as possible.

The speed which you were able to have my design cut and shipped was incredibly quick. Everything is dead on for what I had designed and fits flawlessly.
- David Gabel
The pieces are exactly as I wanted them, even the little details are sharp and well done. I ordered the same pieces from different vendors to compare the quality, and yours came out on top, at the best price too. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.
- Louis Mazet
Just wanted to let you know the chipboards came in yesterday and looked great. Thanks again for your help on this! I'm sure we will be in touch for the next one.
- Monica Rivera
Wow you guys have great prices ... You know I've been getting quotes from shops at like 4-8 times more.
- Ryan LeMere
Our laser cut centerpieces arrived on time, in excellent condition, and were a huge hit at our conference. We were so impressed with the quality and service that, when designing awards for our next event, we immediately thought of Ponoko.
- Wren Dillingham



Can you laser cut cardboard?

Of all materials that can be cut using a laser, cardboard is one of the easiest thanks to its thin construction. Card itself is a paper material, and as paper is a material that burns easily, lasers have little trouble cutting cardboard. While cardboard can be cut using a wide range of methods (such as knives, scissors, and saws), laser cutting offers the ability to cut extremely complex shapes with great precision, speed, and repeatability. However, operators of laser cutters have to keep in mind that cutting cardboard produces a large amount of smoke which can interfere with the laser beam. As such, ventilation is very important when cutting cardboard.

Can you engrave cardboard?

Engraving cardboard is a very easy task thanks to cardboard being a paper-based material. This means that it is very easy to burn, and engraving cardboard involves the burning of an extremely small layer on the surface of the cardboard. The burnt cardboard creates an extremely strong contrast between the bulk material and the engraved pattern (assuming that the cardboard being engraved is a light color), and the high speed of engraving cardboard makes it an ideal method for custom designs and graphics. However, engraving cardboard can present challenges that the operator has to take into account. One challenge, in particular, is getting the laser energy correct; too much energy and the laser can burn right through the cardboard. Too little energy and the cardboard won’t burn.  

What design considerations should you keep in mind when laser cutting cardboard?

Cardboard is a fantastic material to work with and use in projects, both prototypes and final products, but it does have its limitations. The first point of concern when using cardboard is that it is not waterproof which limits its use to applications that will not experience any moisture. When cardboard becomes wet (or even moist), it becomes structurally weak and thus unable to hold its shape reliably or provide protection if being used in packaging. The second point of concern is that cardboard is structurally weak. Cardboard is great for producing scale models, boxes for transporting goods, and even prototypes of enclosures, but its weak structural properties make it unreliable for anything structural. Any application that needs to support weight should look at alternative materials such as MDF or plastic. The third point that engineers should consider is that cardboard is highly flammable (so flammable that it is often used as a fire starter in bonfires and fireplaces). This means that cardboard should not be used in any application that may contain a source of ignition such as high voltages, heaters, and flames.

Is laser cut cardboard expensive?

Of all materials that could be laser cut, cardboard is arguably one of the cheapest (next to card and paper). The sheer quantity of cardboard that is manufactured and its many applications sees cardboard prices far lower than the most common plastics and metals. But the cost savings of cardboard extend beyond the material itself; the ability to easily cut it with a laser cutter makes it even more appropriate for mass production. Laser cutters can cut shapes out of cardboard that is simply not possible with CNCs, knives, or scissors. Such mechanical methods also require that the cardboard be mechanically secured, and this can make cutting small details and shapes extremely challenging. The speed at which laser cutters operate makes most other production-level methods look antiquated.

How thick can laser cut cardboard be?

Laser cutters are limited on the thickness of material that they can cut. While Hollywood shows laser beams as being perfect parallel beams that cut over great distances, the truth is that laser beams diverge. Material that is at the focal point of the laser beam will cut the fastest and cleanest, but material that falls outside the focal point will have a wider than anticipated cut that will be of lower quality. When it comes to cardboard, Ponoko can cut cardboard that is up to 0.26 inches in thickness, and the types of cardboard that Ponoko offer includes corrugated, coaster board and mat board. These materials are also available in a range of different colors and textures that allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

What applications can laser cut cardboard be used in?

Laser-cut cardboard can be used in any application that requires a high degree of precision, accuracy, and/or mass-production capability. One such example would be the prototyping of cardboard boxes with specific graphic designs. As boxes can be formed from a single 2D shape that is folded along specific lines, cardboard cut-outs can take advantage of the ability for Ponoko to make anywhere from 1 to 1000, and the laser engraving can be used to engrave designs during the same stage as the cutting. Another example of where laser cut cardboard would be advantageous is the creation of architectural concepts. CAD is the go-to environment for designing buildings and determining stresses in structures, but a scale model is typically made to impress potential investors as well as give the design a sense of reality. The precision of laser cut cardboard will create designs that are clean and professional while engraving can be used for features such as windows and logos. Laser-cut cardboard can also be used for creating prototype 3D structures that are built up with layers. Each layer is cut individually on a laser cutter, and these are then stuck together to create a 3D model in a near-identical fashion to 3D printing.

Is laser cut cardboard recyclable?

Laser-cut cardboard is fully recyclable making it an ideal product for those looking to add an environmental edge to their design. The non-toxic nature of cardboard also makes it ideal for disposal in composting facilities and can be advertised as not harming the environment.

Order cardboard laser cut custom parts from your laptop, delivered same day.*

From $50 for just 1. 93% off for 10,000.

Custom cardboard parts delivered same day.
*Same day delivery (or money back) is available for orders using a limited selection of materials, placed by 11am PT Monday - Friday, for 1-100 parts to Bay Area USA locations. Same day shipping (or money back) available to USA & worldwide locations.