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Laser Cutting Promotional Products
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We Believe You're Different.

We started our laser cut swag service because we love design, almost as much as we love being different. But most of today’s swag is anything but.

It's time to freshen up the promotional products industry a little. Forget predictable branded merchandise found by browsing catalogs and websites. No more slapping your logo onto mass-produced things and calling it “customized.” That’s not for you.

Instead, you can now design your own promotional products and get us to make them for your business or agency from scratch. Because you’re different. Not mass produced.

Create your own truly unique promotional products by designing swag that fits your brand like a glove. Bake in the DNA of the brand + the audience + the promotional purpose to create one-of-a-kind corporate gifts. Your promotional programs will never be the same.

But don’t take our word for it. and judge for yourself.

How It Works.

You design your swag (with our help if you wish). We laser cut, engrave & assemble it for you.

Step 1 - Get Inspired

Spark design ideas with 99+ beautiful materials.

Step 2 - Get Designing

Use our design templates to design your products.

Step 3 - Get Making

Upload your design to get an instant online quote. From $1.

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What People Are Making.

Some of the swag, name badges & signage we’ve custom made ...


Robot Kit for Build I/O Conference.
Introducing software developers to hardware development.


Bookmarks for ATypI Conference.
Showcasing the latest font from Monotype.

Fin Tech Industry

The Card Holder.
Keep your money safe.

Food Tech Industry

Drinks Coasters.

Portland Art Museum

Public Art for Piano! Push Play!
Beautiful refurbished pianos for anyone to play.

Music Tech Industry

Headphones Wrap.
Beat to your own tune.


Name Badges For Appsec Conference.
Not your ordinary name.

Tech Brands

An Invitation.
Your superior invite.

Hi Tech Industry

Tactile 3D Stickers.
Feel my brand.

Cosplay America

Name Badges For The Cosplay America Convention.
Bling name badges for a bling event.

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“We see this as the beginning of something huge”
“A pioneer in the make-it-yourself movement”
“The future of products”
“As simple as cutting shapes out of cardboard”

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"Thank you for making the robots a success. As a whole project it is a miracle we pulled it off (we only had about 3.5 weeks), and one of the largest parts of this miracle was the frames from Ponoko … You have a very cool company, and it is an honor to work with you."

 - Dan Rosenstein, ‎Program Manager at Microsoft

"Ponoko came to our aid when we were looking for something that people wouldn’t merely look at then throw out in a swag bag at a very large conference. We ended up making leather bookmarks to promote a new released product, and though the end result was beautiful, the service was the best part. The employees of Ponoko went above and beyond to make sure we got exactly what we needed. "

 - Jenn Contois, Designer at Monotype

Our laser cut centerpieces arrived on time, in excellent condition, and were a huge hit at our conference.  We were so impressed with the quality and service that, when designing awards for our next event, we immediately thought of Ponoko.

 - Wren Dillingham, Senior Creative Content Manager of Internet Association