RepRap printed circuits

One step closer to self-replicating machines

To many in the hobby 3d printing community, printed electronic circuitry is a kind of ‘holy grail’. RepRap advocate Rhys Jones is one of the pioneers of DIY printed circuits that’s been making serious progress on this front since we last checked in on him.

He’s modifidied his RepRap printer to have two print heads: one for plastic, and one for metal. The results of his latest update are shown above. He starts by printing the plastic substrate, with cavities for the components and the tracks. Components are then manually placed into their holes, before the metal tracks are printed in place.

This is still a work in progress but it is very encouraging to see hobbyists getting one step closer to self-replicating machines.


wow that board looks like a soldered peice of crap heres what you do while the links to software on there are outdated a simple search on sourceforge for pcb will bring up plenty of better software while tom gootee revised the method it was originally published in popular mechanics about 30yrs ago using vegitable oil on paper instead of toner transfer paper these are good pcb’s i make them all the time

I would be very interested in learning how he prints the metal. We’ve been working with printable metals ourselves at Kraftmark, but it is still in the development stage.

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