Vector Editing from Aviary


Browser-based design tool creators Aviary have recently released a new, online vector editing tool called Raven. Similar to Illustrator, Raven uses points and bezier handles for rendering scalable, full color vector art. It even allows for gradients. Below are a few Raven user submissions to demonstrate.aviary2

Aviary has been mentioned on this blog before. The name comes from the idea of “creation on the fly,” and their mission is to make tools that the world can use to create — whether it’s graphics, motion, or audio.

In addition to Raven, Aviary offers the following tools:

• Peacock: a raster based “visual laboratory”

• Pheonix: a photo image editor

• Toucan: a color palette creator

Basic access to these tools is free, and an Aviary Pro subscription is being offered for only $9.99 a month. (Typically $15 per month.) Subscriptions give you full access to all the Aviary creation tools, beta testing on new tools, the right to use works created through Aviary for commercial purposes, unlimited online file storage, file privacy, and advanced tutorials.




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Hopefully this will force Adobe to bring the price of Illustrator down a bit, without any competition, it’s a great program but still very expensive for what it does.

Jon – Create Unique Memories

I’m guessing we can’t upload Raven files to Ponoko yet? Any word on if/when that might happen?

Kristen Turner

Hello Jennifer,
Good news if you want to use Raven. Ponoko supports EPS files. And you can export your Aviary Raven designs to EPS format. Details from Aviary here:

They make a note saying they recommend exporting to PDF, but that’s concerning complex vector designs with gradients. A simple line design in Raven should export to EPS just fine I think.

Kristen – Sweet! Thanks for the info!

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