Mikro World


above: Mikro House

Sam Buxton has created a world in which the two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional. Mikro World is a series of real life settings made of laser-cut stainless steel. The website is a rare example where Flash really does enhance the experience of the product and promote the series as a work of art/design.


The series began with Buxton’s fold out business card. Today, Mikro World has places for Mikroman to work, eat, sleep and play as well more exciting scenarious such as exploring the jungle, visiting Mars or treating a broken bone. You can purchase a piece of Mikro World at the Mikro Mart. Prices range from a very affordable £7 for most, up to £65 for the elaborate Mikro House model.




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Wow… this is both incredibly original and beautiful… amazing find! I really like that jungle one, cool!

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