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Stealth Lamp via
Here are two GREAT finds in one post! The first is a tip from a friend who found this young product designer, Ben Arent who shares his school project on lighting called the Stealth Lamp. This is made from 0.9 mm polypropylene cut with a laser cutter. Under the Creative Commons license, you can download the design for free and make yourself a cool little lamp. If you can get your hands on the polypropylene, (Ben has a link to where you can order in the UK), a standard UK lampholder and cord, and of course, access to a laser cutter, it’d be nice project to work on.

Unto This Last Store via

This brings me to the second great find – Unto this Last. It’s here that Ben interned and worked on his lighting project. This London furniture design firm/furniture workshop is based on the ‘return to local crafters’ model with a modern update. Using the latest in digital technology and 3D modelling, they manufacture in-house designed pieces of furniture in the Just-in-time/Made-to-Order process but at mass produced furniture prices. I like the look of the furniture – it’s unfortunate they can only deliver within the UK.To check out their furniture you can download their catalog here.

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i think this lampshade

made by the amazing Rebbecca as part of the Ponoko beta round. looked like it was made from polypropylene. So cross fingers we might be able to go crazy on Ponoko using Ben Arent’s lampshade designs when it goes live. Which means i best run out and buy myself some bases.
Or maybe design some 😉

That looks great. I’m really excited about creating some lighting with Ponoko once it goes live. It’s relatively simple but really effective for changing a room, and it always seems so hard to find exact design or style I want for a room.

Hey Ponoko, I was ‘google alerted’ today that you blogged me. (cheers) Ponoko looks very intersstng, As I have many ideas for furniture and lighting, but often they don’t get futher than my sketch book. Thus the reason for giving my model away for free (free if u don’t make money from it).

I know that the guy who runs Unto this Last, sees his business as selling the technololgy, and not just the products. But all he uses in Solidworks, and a CNC router. Very similar to the ones at my University. . The real hard work is in the design, (thus getting student to give ideas). The only problem is there has to be a lot of development, and for the stealth lamp, i had to manufacutre over 50 prototypes before it worked.

MY class mates made some very interssting light fixtures, but the real money isn’t in using a laser cutter, but in getting these fixtures Die cut. But you can use a laser cutter to personalise and modifiy the fixture to its specification.

Good luck with Ponoko. I shall keep you posted with my ‘free “splime like” objects’.

Thanks so much Ben! It would be great to keep up with what you are doing. 50 prototypes is a LOT of work to get what you wanted. I guess that means it will be a lot of hit and miss for early users of Ponoko before they get what they want. That’s part of the reason why we are hoping that a lot of people like yourself decide to get involved and help build the community. Those people who can help the early users get up to “cool” status quickly are going to be pretty popular we think.

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