Review Of Bleep Labs Nebulophone Arduino Kit

A Great Kit For Anyone, Even If You Have Zero Electronics Experience

I got my hands on a Nebulophone kit from Bleep Labs for the first time last week. A powerful musical instrument and far out noise-maker, the Nebulophone is an Arduino-based synth with stylus keyboard, selectable waveforms, arpeggios, and an analog filter.

I was interested in using this kit as a teaching aid for students with zero electronics experience. Having now built one myself and taken a few students through the process, I have to say I can barely think of a way to improve this kit; they’ve really nailed it. The hardest part for me was getting the students to leave my workshop after they had finished because they were all having such a great time playing their new keyboards!

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The instructions are clear and explicit, with good quality colour photographs of every step, and videos online to help demonstrate the basic techniques such as populating and soldering a circuit board. All the parts are clearly identified and the layout has been designed to simplify assembly as much as possible. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble, and even the students who had never touched a soldering iron only took about two hours to finish.

My friend LEKRMOI made this video of me building the Nebulophone and talking about why I like to make stuff.

And if you want to breath easier on your next Arduino project, check out this Arduino guide.

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