Creating architecture from soil with Stone Spray 3D printer

A new twist on large scale 3D printing.

Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill and Petr Novikov from the University of Twente, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona made the Stone Spray 3D printer under the guidance of tutors Marta Malé-Alemany, Jordi Portell, and Miquel Lloveras. It prints structures using sand an a binding agent on-site. The current prototype is only large enough for human-size objects, but the intention is to use the system to eventually print full-scale architecture.

This machine is a twist on large-scale 3D printing in a couple ways. One, it sprays the material out of a pressurized nozzle instead of laying down a paste or a liquid binder. This creates texture that reminds me of a termite mound. You’ll either love it or hate it. Two, the majority of the construction material could theoretically be found on-site. Only the binder would have to be brought in.

Via 3D Printing Event blog

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This is indeed a very interesting twist on 3d printing. I wonder what the real world applications could possibly be? What building materials would be used and what would be the end creation?

This tech could be used for creating protektion on moon bases. Great work!

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