3D printed math art by Asher Nahmias (aka Dizingof)

3D printed steel gyroid vase by Dizingof

Incredible procedurally generated designs

3D printed steel gyroid vase by Dizingof

If you’re a regular Personal Factory user, you may have seen the wonderful 3D models available for sale in Dizingof’s showroom.

Dizingof specializes in math art, which generally refers to works that have been procedurally generated with a focus on aesthetic qualities. That aesthetic quality is readily apparent in 3D models like these:

Fractal Blast Vase

Fractal Blast Vase by Dizingof

Fractal Blossom Vase II

Fractal Blossom Vase II by Dizingof

Klein Bottle

Klein Bottle by Dizingof

Recently, in addition to the models for sale in his showroom, Dizingof has been uploading free 3D models to his Thingiverse account for everyone to print. The latest uploads even include some two-colour models for 3D printers that support dual extruders:

Zebra Vase

Zebra Vase (dual extruder) by Dizingof

Hopefully we can look forward to even more uploads! If you’d like to see a gallery of finished prints, Dizingof has started posting examples here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dizingof/

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These are so cool that I’m sharing them everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Well done! I feel like I keep hearing more about 3D printing and math connections all the time.

Thank you all.

I’ve uploaded a new design to my Ponoko shop which i’m very excited about – The Infinity Klein :



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