Your chance to make exactly what you want – risk free!

Our Yippee! Guarantee means you can’t go wrong.

The first 50 Ponoko members who make something using our premium customer coupon code will get our Yippee! Guarantee.

Whatever you set out to make, we GUARANTEE when it arrives you will love it to bits. That’s because you’ll have unlimited one-on-one access to one of our design gurus who will coach you through the design and make process and help you get your design ship shape. Then you’ll be able to make unlimited prototypes until it’s PERFECT.

So how about it? Are you ready to make your idea real without any risk whatsoever?

The story so far
So why are we doing this? Let’s wind back a bit.

Ponoko is about making it easy for anyone anywhere to shop for original designer crafted goods online. Ponoko is about making it easy for creators to make and sell online, direct to market. No problems trying to source materials. No hassles trying to find a manufacturer willing to process small production runs at a reasonable price. No stall to tend to. No shoe leather worn out trying to get retailers to take a chance on a new idea – your new idea.

A week or so ago, we decided it was time to share our story with our members. How a small team of people set out to find a new way to automate the making and selling process so it was accessible to everyone. How – after many many hours of highs and lows and good ideas and not so good ideas – we did it. We launched Ponoko – a way to shop for designer crafted goods, made and sold online with minimum effort and cost.

We told you about the response we got when we launched our new concept. People started making things using Ponoko – and selling them nationally and internationally. And the media came calling. Ponoko and some of our users featuring in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, Core77, DesignBoom, Mocoloco, Makezine, Craftzine and others.

Why? Because Ponoko is an explosively new way of doing things. You can shop for unique items direct from designers. You can make and sell a unique creation within minutes of being on the Ponoko website. You can choose your materials and know exactly what you’re getting. Ponoko’s unmatchable accuracy means you get exactly what you design. You can prototype an idea until you get it 100%. Then you can quickly reproduce as many as you want with a few mouse clicks.

And, if you’re looking to make money, with Ponoko you get to keep 100% of the proceeds of a sale rather than receiving only 50% from a retailer or just 5% from a traditional manufacturer.

We heard what you had to say
Sharing our story unleashed some fantastic feedback. We loved it! Stories of designing, making and selling triumphs. Stories of continuing frustrations. Plus some carefully thought through practical suggestions that were just so useful to receive.

Your responses reminded us of exactly why we started this. Like you, we were frustrated we couldn’t easily shop directly with creators. Like you, we were frustrated we couldn’t make and sell online. Like you, we wanted to unleash our creativity to the world!

And that gets our story back to the subject of this post ๐Ÿ™‚

And we took action
Like we said, our goal is to make Ponoko really, really accessible. We got feedback from members who want to make something but who don’t feel confident about getting their idea into a design format they can make successfully. Quite understandably, people don’t want to spend time and money making something that doesn’t turn out 100%.

So we came up with a no-risk way for you to make it real with Ponoko. Now there’s no reason not to express yourself. Make your cool idea real. Sell your stuff. GO FOR IT!

Here’s the no risk opportunity to do just that.

You CAN actually do it. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the Ponoko showroom and see the hundreds of things people have created. (And there are thousands more designs users have chosen to keep to themselves for the moment.) You can also check out the Mingle section to read about real Ponoko designers. Ordinary extraordinary people – like you – who went from zero to hero with Ponoko.

And remember, you don’t need to limit yourself to jewelry. There is no end to the products you can make with Ponoko. The options are as unlimited as your imagination.

The Yippee! Guarantee – here’s the deal
Become one of just 50 premium customers today and we’ll work directly with you to make it real.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Unlimited one-on-one access to our gurus – they will coach you through any and all design or make questions you may have, no matter how small (or big) they may be.
  2. As much creative input as you want – from simple suggestions of alterations you could make through to a complete suggested re-design enhancing the idea you’ve submitted. You call the shots. We want to make sure you are going to be completely happy when you unwrap your delivery from us.
  3. Unlimited product prototypes until it’s perfect. We’ll make your design and if we think there’s something a little odd, we’ll get in touch and talk it through with you until we get it right. Really right.
  4. And on top of this, our Yippee! Guarantee means that, if you’re not completely delighted with the product we ship to you, we’ll work with you until you are – or we’ll refund your money.

Who is this for?
It’s designed to work for everyone. If you’re just starting out, it’s the perfect way to get a great result really fast. And, if you’re one of our experts, it’s great too because you can get your new idea prototyped by us with no risk of ending up with a dud.

You can’t fail
We’re going to give you all the help you need to go from your initial design to finished product. So we’re offering you a full design consultancy and prototyping service. And if you don’t like what you get – we’ll work with you until you are happy or your money back.

So what’s the charge?
We’ve been kinda stuck in working out what to charge for this to make it easy for you to get going while not under valuing what we’re offering.

We’re estimating that we will provide up to about $1,000.00 in design consulting and making services to each premium customer – some more and some less.

As we’ve said, we’ve not done this before – so let’s just test it out together and see what happens – maybe we’ll only need to provide $500.00 worth of services because you’ll catch on so quick!? And after this test run, we can figure a price based on this experience – perhaps we’ll be able to set it at something accessible like $295.00 or $395.00 plus the cost of getting your product made?

But right now, how about this – how about you get the whole deal including the Yippee! Guarantee for FREE when you just upload your best effort design and make a minimum order of just $95.

This means the next 50 orders of $95 or more to enter the coupon code HEJG2C will get up to about $1,000.00 in services, including our no risk guarantee at ZERO cost!

How to become a premium customer
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your product design as far as you can take it (use these quick start guidelines here).
  2. Upload your design to your My Ponoko account, and select the materials you want to make it from.
  3. Insert the coupon code: HEJG2C
  4. Insert any special instructions at the “Add shipping details” stage (in other words, tell us what we can do to help you progress your design).
  5. Click to get the price.
  6. And if its at least $95, you qualify to get it made as a premium customer.
  7. Confirm your order and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling.

Stop press – special incentive for the first 10 premium customers
And if you’re among the first 10 premium customers to make something, we’ll invite you to be insider beta users of a brand new system. It’s a world first we have been working on since 2007 that will blow your mind!

So to take advantage of this offer just upload your design here now!

NOTE: This offer closed out within 5 days of it going live. Thank you everyone!!

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I so wish I wasn’t out of town and away from my designs right now ๐Ÿ™

What an amazing idea. This is just what I need to ge my ideas in flight. Thank you all so MUCH for this.


You all are so cool and very ingenious! We struggling designers and crafters thank you so much. Now, where am I going to find the money….. I know, under the couch, uh at the bottom of my purse.. oh and yeah, my husbands wallet… ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, I know what you mean someguy. I am keeping in touch every day from my laptop but the designs are on the home system. Ponoko has had all these amazing competitions and new ideas that I can’t take part in right now!! ๐Ÿ™

I don’t expect any sympathy though……Greece is amazing!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

i’m sory…
thanks for your attention…
i have some of papertoy design….
but,i need a time to make sure that my design… fit..

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