Want to join the Ponoko crew?

Handy helpers required!


With our new USA hub getting slammed with digital making requests within just 2 weeks of its launch, we’ve carefully cultivated a serious case of sleep deprivation.

To help us avoid this into the future, we thought some Bay Area locals might like to come and lend a hand from time to time.

Whether it’s for the love or for the money, no sweat.

If this sounds a little bit like you, we’re ‘taking names’ for random call ups every now and again. And who knows, something even more profound might develop?!

To add your name to the call up list, email us: service-at-ponoko.com

Thanks all …

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What are the skill level requirements?

Olivier Crisostomo

I want to join the Ponoko crew.

ars terrarum

Do you provide a shuttle from Las Vegas? : ) Yet ANOTHER reason I wish I lived in the Bay Area! AAAAAARRGGH!!!

I just shot an email to you. I too would like to join the Ponoko crew.

I would like to help out but it would be a bit of commute from Florida. I love the whole idea behind Ponoko. You guys rock!

I understand flights to LA are kinda cheap, and the Australian Dollar getting stronger, but I will have to send my LOVE from afar, sigh…..

i live in the area and interested in helping out…

I live in Oakland, and would be very interested in seeing if my skills could be of use to you.

I live in Seattle, and would like to become a part of Ponoko’s crew. I have the ability to do 3D modeling and drafting at home. Please review my e-mail.

    Hi Gary! Thanks for answering our call for help. I’ve added you to our list of people willing to give us a hand with upcoming projects – we’ll be sure to get in touch if there’s something you can assist with.


Jeff Cunningham

I have experience in 3D printing (see website), and may be of limited help. I don’t live in CA, but I’ll be visiting for a few days in August. I’d be happy to swing by for a chat.


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