Video Podcast: the Vision and Process behind The World’s Easiest Making System

DemocraThings interviews Ponoko CEO David ten Have

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Ponoko co-founder David ten Have, this podcast interview is the next best thing to chatting about the maker movement with Dave yourself.

Juan Chaparro of DemocraThings asks ten Have about his background (He’s not an industrial designer.), how he came up with the idea to start Ponoko, and how Ponoko helps designers make “relevant” products.

DemocraThings is a new venture setting out to support the democratization of innovation by “allowing you to showcase your design prototypes and access user feedback in real-time” without the hefty expense. End users are paid to offer insights and critique so that designers can tweak and perfect their products.

Check out the DemocraThings blog for more on product design, development, and business.

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