Time Print Machine

DIY printer uses felt pens and blotting paper

For the CNC drawing enthusiast who isn’t in a hurry to produce their next masterpiece, Paul Ferragut’s Time Print Machine offers a rather unique solution.

Images are created in the usual CNC manner, with dots forming a halftone pattern as the arm moves across the page. What is different about this device, is the incorporation of a special program which takes the grey value of a pixel and converts it using a time-based algorithm.

…the felt pen remains in contact with the blotting paper for relative periods of time. Consequently the ink will bleed through the paper creating a variety of different sized stains, gradually building the image.

Click through for a clip of the Time Print Machine in action.  

A full colour image at A2 size can take over 30 hours to produce – so you’d want to have your comfy chair ready. One nice feature of the felt pen technique is that each outcome will be unique, thanks to the somewhat fuzzy combination of blotting paper and felt pens.

Paul Ferragut via Today and Tomorrow

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