The finishing touch: filled laser engraving tutorial

A simple technique for making your laser engraving stand out
Rich Decibels Exenterator
This week I finished a project I’ve been developing for a while: the Rich Decibels Exenterator. Sound samples and technical details and so on are available on my blog but for this post I just wanted to demonstrate my engraving-filling technique. For me it is the ideal way to add labels to my DIY electronics gadgets.

Check out the full step-by-step tutorial on the forum.

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I’ve experimented with various inks, paints etc to get this effect. Now I’m going to have to give the enamel a try – thanks for the tip!
My most recent success has been using an acrylic modelling compound used by painters to add texture to paintings. I have tinted it with acrylic inks then used a plastic palette knife to fill the engraving. It has a spack filler sort of consistency & sticks really well. I also like to sand back the surface to give a nice matt finish. I’ve used this with both vector & raster engraved images with some success.

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