Testing 48 hour turnaround on laser cutting orders at Ponoko NZ

special instructions!

We know that a lot of you have a need for speed.

So we’re testing 48 hr turnaround on laser cutting orders at Ponoko New Zealand *only*.

48 hr turnaround means we will make, package, and send off your order within 48 hours. Shipping timeframes will remain the same.

Now listen up ’cause there’s a certain way we gotta do this.

When you place your order, put “48hr” in the ***special shipping instructions***.

This is a trial so if we drown in orders or run out of your material, we’ll need to call it off for a bit and regroup. Otherwise, trial closes down on May 31st. First-come, first-serve.

Questions? Email service|at|ponoko|dot|com

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Jenna Appleton

This was BRILLIANT. When I placed my order late Wednesday morning, I never dreamed that it would be here in time for me to distribute templates to some quilt guild friends at our meeting on Sunday. I think you shipped it within THREE hours and my order *arrived* in Sydney in less than forty-eight hours… incredible service. Mind blown, thankyou so much!

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