Super shiny amazing new materials!

You’ve asked for it, NZ got it, and now it’s available in the USA

0.118″/3.0mm Mirror Acrylic
– Now you have no excuse not to make a custom moustache or animal shaped mirrors.

Also continuing our “the 80’s were awesome, lets party” theme

0.118″/3.0mm Fluoro Pink and Fluoro blue
– Great for all your blacklight party costume jewelry.

The photos do not do these materials justice so grab your samples here.

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Any chance we will see that opaque pink like Vectorealism has?

Hi Kat

We’ve asked our current supplier about the pink color but they cant guarantee a supply of it. Apparently there is not enough demand in the industry for this color so the manufacturer is considering ending production of it.

Generally we don’t add materials to our catalog that may not be available consistently.

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