Ponoko ‘Getting Started’ Webinars

Get help making your first digital product with a free 45-minute ‘Quickstart’ webinar, presented by Ponoko every month.

The webinar is designed for first time Ponoko members, with helpful advice on how to get started. We’ll show you how to set up an account, create, upload and share a design … and how to get it made and shipped.

It’s a live event, so you can get all of your questions answered on the spot. (Or just remain anonymous and check it out, it’s up to you).

Sign up for the July Quickstart Webinar here
The session is scheduled for 45-minutes of presentation, followed by 15 minutes at the end to answer questions.

Upcoming Quickstart Webinar times:
Webinars are held on the first Thursday of every month (US Pacific time). Just click the web links below to check your local time conversion:

Ponoko Quickstart – July 2nd, 2pm US Pacific time (sign up above now!)
Ponoko Quickstart – August 6th, 2pm US Pacific time
Ponoko Quickstart – September 3rd, 2pm US Pacific time
Ponoko Quickstart – October 1st, 2pm US Pacific time
Ponoko Quickstart – November 5th, 2pm US Pacific time
Ponoko Quickstart – December 3rd, 2pm US Pacific time

You’ll be able to sign up to these future webinars soon. But to get started asap, signup to the July webinar above.

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Guys – any chance of doing at least one of these at a time other than 2pm PST. That’s getting quite late here in Europe!

    Ponoko Team

    Hi – global timing is tough. 2pm US Pacific time is kinda the best because it’s almost in the middle of 7am in Sydney and 10pm in London.

You can’t move one session! Just one? Surely one session from 6 could move.

Either way – Ponoko looking v cool

Hi Im glad you have begun these. I hope my 3 year old will allow me some space at 7am! Id so love to participate in July thank you.

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