Polargraph drawing machine

An awesome gravity assisted pen plotter

Sometimes, I wish I was a drawing machine. There’s something special about grabbing a pen and transferring the visions from inside your head onto paper for all the world to see.

I’m not actually all that reliable though. My own results tend to be a bit hit-and-miss… however, thanks to the machinations of Sandy Noble, there is another type of drawing machine that gets results every time. It’s the Polargraph; an elegantly simple Arduino powered wonder that steadily plots its way along with robotic precision.

Draftsmen will recognise this as a primitive, gravity assisted pen plotter.
An awesome one.

Click through to see a video of Sandy’s awesome Polargraph in action. 

The machine has just completed a burst at the FRAMED Gallery in Edinburgh, and fans can keep themselves up to date on Sandy’s progress as he continues to tinker away on the Polargraph website.

Via Today and Tomorrow

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I’m sure you can have a lot of fun, rummaging trough the Sites listed here, maybe even, you’ll find another way to plot:

Thank you for the mention!

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