OOML might just be the easiest way to get into programmable shapes

Object Oriented Mechanics LibraryOOML is a system for creating programmable, shareable 3d shapes using the common programming language C++.

Imagine being able to design a 3d file based on some very simple rules, like “every hole for your fastener will always be the same size” or “the thickness of your laser cut bits will always be the same”. Imagine being able to download a design and change it with just a tiny effort, like taking a design intended to be cut from .11″ acrylic and instead altering it to work with .22″ instead.

That’s the beauty behind OpenSCAD. It’s a programming language for making shapes. However, the language it’s based off of is unique. It’s hard to pick up the skills required to build an OpenSCAD part anywhere else than using OpenSCAD. However, OOML seeks to change that.

Picture being able to program parts like you would a webpage or Arduino sketch? OOML lets you design 3d parts in the common, easy to learn, easy to access, incredibly well documented language: C++.  It lets you add on libraries of shortcuts, scripts, and tools to help make the whole process faster and more robust.

I’m eager to see the system become more popular, getting fleshed out with tutorials and examples to play with.

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Edgar Castelo

You know, I love this stuff!

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