New York Times on Ponoko and At-Home Creators

Tinkering at Home, Selling on the Web – New York Times


(David ten Have and Derek Elley, Photo by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times)

We’re really excited with the string of news stories featuring Ponoko, with the New York Times being the latest. John Biggs reports on the DIY Tech movement that’s been making strides recently and the rise of the “at-home creators” and makers. With a growing community of makers from Makezine, online DIY stores such as and open-source software media player that center on personalization, more and more resources are cropping up (also see earlier post on open-source hardware Bug Labs) for people to build their own creations – right from the internal electronics to the individualized outer shell – like steampunk creations from Read NYT’s full story here.

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