Heavy machinery sculptures


Belgian artist Wim Delvoyle has used laser cutting to manufacture full size sculptures of industrial vehicles such as cement mixers, excavators and trucks. The vehicles are covered in gothic style patterns which is a theme through much of his work.


Delvoyle has a bizarre and controversial range of work, he’s tattooed pigs since the 1990s, made stain glass window style soccer goals, taken x-rated x-rays of people and painted shovels. Dieter Roelstraete, curator of MuHKA says “Delvoyle’s art is a celebration of paradox, based as it is on the Belgian surrealist tradition, the practice of conjoining two different elements/ideas in the same work. The gas cylinders painted in the style of Delft porcelain; the teak wood concrete mixer with baroque ornamentation; painted glass windows with sex scenes; excavators in the style of gothic cathedrals: they all reference, in their peculiar manner, the history of art.”

Via Core 77

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That is some really neat stuff… great find! It shows you just how limitless the boundaries of laser cutting truly are!

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