Giant 3D printer LeBigRep from the 3D Printing Event

Meet LeBigRep, the RepRap’s big brother.

We recently posted a report about the first annual 3D Printing Event during Dutch Design Week. In addition to the many interesting speakers, who you can watch online, there were numerous booths showcasing the latest 3D printing related technology.

One of my favorites was LeBigRep, an enormous plastic extrusion printer based on the RepRap platform. The build window is approximately 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter (roughly 3ft^3), which makes this one big printer.

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LeBigRep is a project by Thingiverse user krtcrkd, who has uploaded the in-progress files to Thingiverse for anyone who wants to try to build one for themselves.

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That’s a fairly large printer! Must take up a lot of room, though it will definitely up the scale of 3D printing.

A 3D printer that does not require this much room and it can still print any size model is the ModelMaker by 2BOT. This machine can print any size model through tiling, which the 2BOT software does for you. It is very easy and simple to use.

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