Even your creative scribbles can be made real!

Most people wouldn’t think it was possible to create an amazing design from a sketch that takes 5 seconds to draw. Karl-Oskar proves this can be done with his 5 Second Plate. The form was created from a series of 5 second sketches that literally became the shape of the plate. The sketches were translated into digital files and cut from glass on a water-jet cutter.

I find this process very interesting especially in relation to Photomake and using digital technologies to express unqiue quality in a product made by a machine. When we first started talking about an online tool that would take sketches and turn them into laser cutting files, my first thought was how this might be utilized to create the perfect series of indiviualized products. I imagined drawing something over and over again, each one being slightly different because of the subtle variation in hand movements and then being able to sell them as unique pieces. This is the value of digital production over mass production that is becoming more popular. They allow us to create unique products at close to the same price as mass production but there is a ton of value in the uniqueness.

Karl’s 5 Second Plate captures this potential really well. Who knows, maybe one day all of the 5 second sketches could become a product. In the mean time it is great inspiration for how you might approach designing something to make on Photomake.

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Using the Chaos Theory to create physical designs is an interesting way of producing some rather unique products… it has been used in the “art world” since the dawn of time and some of the results have been absolutely spectacular.

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