DIY Vinyl Records


Punk Bands Record And Press Records In One Night

There are close connections between the Prosumer movement now in full swing with Ponoko, Shapeways, Threadless and etc. through the hacker ethic with the development of open source software and back to the Punk DIY ethic of the seventies. Where the small bands were embraced by small communities that created their own culture through music, fashion and photocopied zines.

Now today even the punks want instant results..

Yuri Suzuki was recently part of Jerszy Seymour’s “Coalition Of Amatuers” exhibition at Mudam, Luxembourg. For the show, Suzuki collaborated with Luxembourg punk groups Tvesla, Takemeunderground and Yegussa, proposing an “amateur music production system.” This involved recording sessions and pressing the vinyls all in one evening, which were later on sale at the Mudam Boutique.


Via Dan Gould at PSFK and DesignBoom

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how did they do that, pressing records themselves?
did they use a vinyl cutter?
wanna know, wanna know.

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