NEW laser-cutting materials: Polarizing Film + new acrylic thicknesses

available at Ponoko US

We’ve got 3 updates to the Ponoko US materials catalog. Up first, a new thickest thickness of 6mm/0.236″ in Green Acrylic.

Next, a super useful and versatile new thinnest thickness of 1.5mm/0.06″ in Clear Acrylic. Great for use as a protective layer.

Last but definitely not least, we’ve now got Polarizing Film! This light grey laminate material of .8mm/0.03″ has a tinted polarizing layer and glossy finish. It’s typically used in making sunglasses and LCD screens.

Wanna know how polarization works? Check out this cute Polarization 101.

And keep your eye on the blog next week for a material related announcement we think you’ll really like!

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