How to make your own laser cut lamp – Instructables


Instructables is always a very cool place to get your DIY and craft fix if you’re itching to make something. Ponoko Design and Laser Cutter Guru Dan Emery decided to share his design of a Japanese-inspired lantern style lamp that was laser cut via Ponoko. The final lamp above is made from laser etched acrylic (with a personalized pattern) with a hardwood base and top. The design is very simple, no glue or screws are needed as everything fits together with the precision only laser cutting can give you. If you’re interested in making a lamp like this with your own pattern engraving and colors, check out Dan’s Instructables as well as his free .eps files from his Ponoko showroom. Now get going! You can sign up for MyPonoko to upload your own inspired lamp designs.

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