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Bespoke stationary and gifts for weddings

I’ve been to a few weddings now, most of which have fallen into at least a “tolerable” category.  You can always tell when it’s two designers getting married because when you’re not surrounded by decorations that scream “catalogue stock” at you.  Luckily, for the majority of the couples, there are countless services that provide custom wedding designs.  One such is Luxecuts™ from Kate Miller Events, which moves away from traditional print media, and instead specialises in wedding ornaments crafted from more solid materials.

Luxecuts products are fabricated using Ponoko Personal Factory and range from place cards to cake toppers, signage, table numbers and whatever else the couple may request.  The Sacramento design boutique still prints some of the décor on paper, but the popularity of the more lasting mementos is gaining prominence.  Prior to the availability of Ponoko’s on demand fabrication service, moving away from standard printing wasn’t an option for the company.The ornaments are laser cut and engraved from a wide range of materials, such as wood veneers, bamboo, metal and acrylic in various colors.  The designs are inspired by textures and fonts, which become the starting point for a collection of elements.  Once the final designs are cut, little finishing is required to create the end product.  The final touches vary from the occasional painting or staining or adding a ribbon.


The challenge of working with scripted and glyph-heavy fonts when stenciling – it’s truly become an art working with the complicated paths.


Don’t let your use of making be limited to products already in use – reinvent and improve!

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