Vanilla Design: Functional Flat Pack Homewares

Vanilla Design, AKA Brent Wilson has developed a range of simple flat pack homewares ranging from laptop stand through coffee carrier, and even challenging the Starck citrus fruit juicer..
juicer 3juice 2
In the case of the Juicer, Just place the easily assembled juicer on top of your glass and squeeze direct into your cup, the design channels the juice and fits any sized glass. The 2 piece juicer disassembles cleaning (including dishwashers) and stored flat in a drawer between uses and comes as a set of two.

Now that is much more elegant than Starck’s attempt..

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That better be a strong glass. Juicing oranges takes some force. Woe to the person who uses the flat-pack juicer on a thin-walled or otherwise weak glass.

Hi Duann, thanks so much for the coverage. I laughed out loud when I read the bit about Starck’s “attempt” ! BTW they are now available as singles rather than having to buy two…I’m planning to figure out how to offer them in a range of colours as well. Cheers, Brent.

Hi ksmith. I’ve tested it pretty exhaustively at home with no problem. Perhaps I should make a youtube video of it in use but you hold either side so that takes a bit of the force out of it. Also no breakage risk with a plastic cup…

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