Vambit Designer Toy

Ponoko made product from Drownspire

Vambits are spooky cute, laser-cut toys from Québécois creatives Drownspire. They come in “Ghostly” white acrylic or “Lumberjack” wood, and are available at the recently opened Drownspire online store for just $15. You can watch a cute 20 second video promo for the Vambit here (or just click the picture).

Drownspire doesn’t just make designer toys. They can also hook you up with tickets to an 8bit concert, a collection of Montreal artists’ comics, and news on artsy-fun events around the city like the weekly Drink & Draw.

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It makes me think of something I killed millions of times while playing Dragon Warrior as a child… the little, almost impossible to kill slime! I like the design, neat!

Jon @

that is cool

I am jumping on this wagon a bit late, but, I made one of these at the Maker Faire in San Mateo last weekend and I have to say that I love the design and my kids think they are so great! We spent the rest of the day/night sending them on adventures 🙂
There were a lot of colors to choose from and many neat appendages, too 🙂

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