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The Good Night Lamp | Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

The Good Night Lamp is a great concept from industrial designer Alexandra Deschamps-Sosino. With a truly global family and community a reality for many people such as myself – my wife’s family is spread across the US on both coasts and Hawaii and groups of friends residing in the UK, North America, Dubai, ANZ and Japan – we are lucky to have technology on our side in keeping us closer (remember the days of writing letters and sending photos? That wasn’t too long ago.)

But what Alexandra’s done is brought more feeling and emotion to the technology. Sometimes it’s just nice knowing whether your family or friends are home – without having to check online and starting up a chat. She’s brought in that feeling of comfort of seeing the light on at home when you arrive:

As we move towards a society of single households, our notion of community will change. Keeping in touch with people will gradually become more than being “always on, sometimes off”. We will learn to share parts of our lives with our families, friends and lovers in more subtle ways with the help of an ever sensitive, invisible and intelligent technology.The Good Night Lamp project is a family of lamps which allow people to communicate the act of coming back home to their loved ones, remotely. As you turn the bigger light on, your presence home is indicated to your friends whose smaller lamps turn on as well. Inversely, the smaller lamps that you’ve collected from your friends will turn on/off as they come home, go out, go to bed. You’ll never come back to an empty home again.

Here’s why I think it’s cool:

  • It’s personal.
  • It’s thoughtful.
  • It shows the ones you love that you care, even when you aren’t there.
  • It brings the far away closer together.

Alex is going to be talking about the Good Night Lamp and the semantic meaning of everyday objects in a connected world at Xtech on May 15th, so if you are in Paris at the time then you might want to head along to listen to her. Well done Alex, what a great idea!

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