The Designer in Everyone

Are Designers The Enemy Of Design?

Bruce Nussbaum pondered this question in a speech at Parsons School of Design and reprinted his speech last week on Business Week’s NussbaumOnDesign. Despite the shock value of saying designers suck, he had some pretty interesting things to say. Valid points he makes, for example:

  • Design is in everyone – innovation and creativity come from our experiences and is not an exclusive innate talent to an esoteric few high-brow designers
  • Thanks to the Web and technology, everyone can and IS a designer – we are designing more in our lives – such as blogs, videos, our music library . . .
  • “Design Democracy is the wave of the future” – There are only going to be more and more tools and systems out there (such as Ponoko) that will facilitate and broaden the accessibility for everyone to jump in the “design sandbox” to have a play.
  • Designers need to focus more on sustainability – rethinking the materials they use, how their design impact on other things, and also to challenge our assumptions of what is sustainable
  • Design thinking is the new way to approach business, to approach problems in life in general.

Some food for thought for anyone who wants to design, or actually designs without really calling themselves a designer … you really are. Well worth a read here.

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