Tagtool – DIY Arduino Light Painter

Vienna Tagtool performance by maki

Yet Another Creative Project Enabled By Arduino & The DIY Community

This week a friend of mine introduced me to a great VJ system called the Tagtool. The Tagtool allows an artist to create drawings and animations for projection in a live performance environment. It’s all open source, and plans are available online for you to build you own.

A typical system consists of a tablet to draw on, an Arduino-powered controller to change brushes and colors, a game pad to animate the drawing, a laptop to control everything and a projector. The idea is that one artist creates pictures using the Tagtool controller and drawing tablet, while a collaborator animates the drawings using the game pad.

A Guide To The World Of Arduino

Everything you need to know about Arduino.

See the ultimate guide here

There’s a really active community of DIY Tagtoolers online, and the most exciting part for me is that both the hardware and the software are open source. If you want one, you can build it yourself. Just grab an Arduino plus the sliders and buttons right here from the materials catalog. And of course the fun bit will be designing your own case to be laser cut in your Personal Factory using this Arduino guide.

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