PingMag is Mad about Japan Trends and Designs

PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things”

If you’re fascinated with the fashions, trends and creations that come out of Japan, check out PingMag – which is all about inspiration and design. As they like to put it: Design is unlimited. It can be found in anything, anywhere, anytime. PingMag has the honor to spend time finding those treasures and talking to those people who put love and thought into creating.

Now while the current feature is on “man bags” from the hip and chic in Tokyo’s Shibuya (personally, I prefer my good ol’ backpack), other recent features include dressing traditional girl dolls for Hinamatsuri (Girls Day in Japan is March 3rd), food art and “Treasured Trash” which is about “conscientious design” of creating tumblers out of recycled pet bottles.

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