Open Source Hardware From Microsoft

Tech Giant’s Answer To Arduino

Microsoft has announced their answer to Arduino and the open hardware movement. The Gadgeteer tool kit is based on the .NET framework and uses the C# programming language. The first motherboard, the FEZ Spider from GHI electronics, clearly prioritizes easy hardware configuration. The board is covered with an array of ports for the other components to plug into. It promises solder-less hardware setup.

If you are a little skeptical about something which uses the words “Microsoft” and “open-source” in the same sentence, you are not alone. Still, the idea of simply plugging in hardware components does have its appeal. Check it out:

Via designboom

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Jesus, what a failure, Arduino got there with the same stuff millions of years ago.

Anything Microsoft smells a Rat…
And since it’s a break-open system, why didn’t they went for a snap-on, for that price?

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