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Martian Design in Tauranga New Zealand » Making a Boomerang

We’ve got something really unique and different today thanks to some early Ponoko users. Mark and Tony from creative studio Martian Design Lab in Tauranga, New Zealand have written up their creation of a Boomerang using Ponoko. Not just your plain jane wooden one, but a fully loaded 80’s sci-fi boomerang with sensors (no, not real ones unfortunately) and blades!! The design sketch alone is pretty cool but wait till you see the results they got in real life. Mark’s promised to post a final picture on their blog soon so we can’t wait to see it. In the meantime you can read and see quite a bit in their post where they describe the process they went through to design the boomerang, which is pretty intricate. Cool toy . . . I want one!

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Tim Norton

Thats just awesome, the detail in here is so trademark ponoko, totally custom, fully detailed, very nice

Thanks Tim, but Mark and Tony are the Wizards we’re just Diagon Alley. –

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