Machinate: Make-a-Flake


Make-a-Flake is an online tool that lets you make your own snowflake. The best part is, you can save your design in EPS format. Using Make-a-Flake for the files and Ponoko for the making, you could create custom Christmas ornaments for everyone on your list. They would be really cute as gifts themselves or as a garnish to a larger wrapped gift.


This little program from Barkley Interactive is easy enough for children to use. Your cursor becomes a pair of scissors which create cuts in the virtually folded wedge of paper.


After you’re done cutting, click preview to see your unique snowflake creation. Mine sort of looks like trolls at a pow-wow. If your flake looks as bad as mine, you can visit the gallery and download any of the submitted snowflakes in EPS format.




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Thanks for the link, this could come in very handy on a project. But there should be no dong cutting involved ever! Ouch! 🙂

woah. thanks Shelley. I’ll fix that now!

I am probably being dumb, but I can’t find the downloaded snowflake??? Any idea where they are downloaded to? – Not in desktop or downloads… time I went to bed methinks…


What a wasted opportunity on the part of the developer! You create a flake and there is no way to create a permalink to it. Sure I can do this: to show off my flake. But, that doesn’t: tell you who made it, do the cool rotate effect with the cast shadow, or give the download options. All of which are present for the person who created the flake. It’s a very nice idea, but not thoroughly executed.

Annie, I don’t know what’s going on. When I came across this a couple months ago, I downloaded several of the snowflakes and they went to my desktop. But I tried just now and it isn’t working.

Agreed Richard.

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