Jewellery inspiration: Molly M


The new jewellery design competition is coming up, if you’re having trouble getting the ideas flowing check out the work of molly m designs for some inspiration. Molly m designs is a jewellery design endeavour which merges handcrafted design sensibility with a high tech production process. Her approach is informed by her background in architecture. Her process starts with a sketch, which she then drafts on a computer and sends to a laser cutter.

Molly M’s jewellery is inspired by both the built and natural landscapes — “a skyline, a bird in flight, an aerial view of a city, a shadow, water patterns, a composition of branches, snowflakes, a patch of concrete..” She focuses on earrings with two collections: “lines and circles” and “botanicals”, both are well described by the titles. She mainly uses simple materials such as wood and acrylic and turns them into some great pieces of jewellery. So check out her stuff if you need to kick start your creative process.

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