Home Delivery: Part 2


The work of Architects Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier is also part of the Home Delivery exhibition. They are building their Burst*008 concept for MOMA on the vacant lot. While on holidays last week I saw the original prototype (Burst*03, completed in 2006) and snapped the pic above of the back/street side of the house. The idea of the Burst* concept is a client would be able to sit down with the architect to discuss the specific needs and site conditions. The architects would then enter the information into a computer program and a design suited to each situation would be generated. The house design would be generated in a matter of seconds with only a few tweaks required before the design is completed. The architects say “the Burst* housing prototype is a method of prefabricated building akin to a kit of parts. Each house is composed of thousands of jigsaw-like pieces of plywood locked together and held taut by the insulated skin. No two Burst* houses are alike; each one is made to meet specific site, climate, and client needs.” The parts are either CNC machined or laser cut and then a beautiful house suited to the environment can be erected easily and quickly. The original house in North Haven, Australia was assembled by Architecture students.




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wow. good photo. Looks like the facade could use a clean.

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