Hip-stir your drinks with these pelvic bone swizzle sticks

Sculpture and design from Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is presenting a gallery show of sculptures at YES Gallery in Cincinnati. If you take a look at his work you’ll notice how laser cutting has really shaped his pieces and directed his aesthetic.

One of my favorite attributes of laser cutters is their ability to produce resolved, finished looking work with minimal fuss. You say “Hey laser cutter! Don’t you think it would be cool if you had hipbone shaped swizzle sticks?”, and your laser cutter is like “Awesome! Then you could hip-stir your drinks. I’m totally on this.”

Via LaughingSquid

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Nick Adam

HA! Got me chuckling… Been following Matthew’s work for sometime now, outside of a beautiful aesthetic across all of his mediums one of the most impressive attributes is that each piece is hand cut by himself.No production team, no out sourcing and never a laser cutter. The man does great work all by hand!

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