High end laser cut furniture


I was at the power house museum in Sydney last weekend and saw this cool little piece of laser cut furniture in the “Inspired! Design across time” exhibition. It’s called Zaishu and is from Australian designer Matthew Butler. It’s an art covered table, box or seat made from five pieces of plywood that slot together without any fasteners (making the flat pack design really easy to assemble). They have artwork from various artists, community groups and tribal art” printed on them. You may have seen them before, they’ve been around for a while now originally launched in 2004. It’s awesome to see that a high end product like this is using a process that we all have access to, and it’s doing so well! The design is really set off by the graphic detail. Incorporating a strong graphic element in products is a trend that I’ve noticed in some of the ponoko products too, like the raya bracelet and the lissabon bedside table.

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why do you consider this high end?

I guess I called it “high end” because it demands a much higher price than your usual mass produce furniture and is considered by the power house museum to be somewhat prestigious.

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