Have a hard time waking up?

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These alarm clocks will get you up and going! For all you who automatically hit the snooze button, these may be good clocks for you. Clocky (above) is kind of like your toddler who wakes up excruciatingly early. He’s loud in the morning and likes to run around and deprive you of any few minutes (hours?) of sleep. Clocky runs around your room beeping until you catch it and turn it off. Talk about exercise first thing in the morning!

The BanClock works by you having to put money in it to stop the darn thing. Hey – great incentive to save money and get up early! Although, using eftpos and credit all the time, I’d probably have that same problem when I need coins for the parking meter. Wonder if it takes notes??

Blowfly alarm clock

And another one. The Blowfly alarm clock. Instead of running away, you guessed it, it flies up in the air and buzzes annoyingly until you physically get up and catch it. Brilliant! I like these designs – they’re fun and creative. No better way to start your day than waking up creatively, eh?

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how cool is that!? by crikey I want one, can I buy a blowfly in NZ?

Sounds like a nice design idea Paul. Give us a few months and we should be able to whip it up 😉

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