Flat Pack Bike

The Roll Bike Concept By Nicolas Belly

Winning second prize from the L’Argus Design Competition for his Roll Bike Concept design, Nicolas Belly has taken the children’s balance bike to another level. Sure the chain and tyres are not made of plywood, but the design does fulfill the competition of “Less is more: travelling in the era of simplicity”.

I think I saw the scooter in ‘back to the future’ though?

via trendhunter

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I don’t think I’d go far on a wooden bike because it would be a very rough ride down a stone road but I do like the little scooter… somebody could put some elastic bands around the wheels to smooth the ride as well.

Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

Really? Design is a lot more than just making something look simple, it really has to be simple. I’m sure 1000s of people came up with this idea and threw it away because they KNEW it would never work. It’s a misuse of materials, simple as that.

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