FabFi: community-built wireless network

Creating long-range wifi links with CNC and laser-cut reflectors
Fab-fi reflector

Here’s a great use of digital fabrication technology: FabFi, a project bringing internet connectivity to communities in Kenya and Afghanistan. Each node in the network is comprised of an off-the-shelf router mounted inside a parabolic reflector, for a total cost of about $60US.

The reflectors were originally designed to be quickly manufactured with either a CNC router or laser-cutter, but it didn’t take long for users to start fabricating their own from local technologies and materials. Check out the tech summary for more info.

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Why won’t they see this, for all kinds of Wi-fi Antennas:

Important to emphasise that this project has been developed in and through Fab Labs, as its not mentioned in text or tags. 🙂

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