Precisely-Controlled Low Temperature Cooking With Arduino Sous Vide

DIY Sous Vide Cooker

Sous-vide cooking is all the rage right now, thanks in part to the rise of “molecular gastronomy” (science in the kitchen). Sous vide is a method that uses a precisely-maintained low temperature water bath to cook a vacuum-sealed portion of food.

Chemical engineer Aaron wanted to give sous-vide cooking a try, but didn’t like the price tag of commercially-available units, so he built his own Arduino sous vide cooker controller.

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He used off-the-shelf electronics and Personal Factory to laser-cut the enclosure to his specifications. His project post goes into great detail, documenting both the build and subsequent experiments with the system. It’s great reading for those of us that like a bit of math with their hacking. And if you want to cook up a little more Arduino magic in or out of the kitchen, check out this Arduino Guide.

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