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I’ve never given coasters much consideration in terms of design. I guess because the majority of the coasters I encounter are usually mini cardboard billboards for a brand of beer. I think they would be an interesting object to have a go at because the function is extremely simple so that gives you the freedom to play around with the shapes. I wasn’t really excited by the huhu coasters the first time I saw them but for some reason they have really grown on me. The designs are laser cut from 3mm sustainably produced hoop pine and sealed with a hard wearing lacquer finish. I’m not usually a fan of the “natural motif” idea but I think it works for these coasters. The thing that really brings it all together into a nice product is the packaging and the branding that is laser engraved into the coaster: it’s very simple and elegant.


The designers are Otago Polytechnic Graduates Tim Hunt and Griff Humphreys who combined the first two letters of both their surnames to form the name huhu. They are a limited seasonal release so they update the design regularly. The coasters are available through the vanilla design store.

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John Lewis

Huhu is also a bug in New Zealand… edible too (at the grub/larvae stage) 🙂

Tastes like chicken…

Hi David,
Thanks for the coverage – much appreciated. I’m keen to have a play with the Ponoko platform as many of our current products and those we have under development could be adapted to the Ponoko manufacturing and distribution system. Keep up the great work!

Brent Wilson

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